Young Driver Insurance

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A driver aged 18 to 20 years causes about two and a half times more accidents than drivers aged 30 or more: so if you are young, the statistics are against you, this is why you are asked to pay more expensive…


Who is considered a “young driver” or inexperienced driver? Yong Driver Insurance


  • Novice drivers hold their license for less than 3 years.
  • Those who have their license for more than 3 years but who have not been insured during the 3 years preceding the start of the new cheap no deposit car insurance contract.


Surcharge: Up to 100% of the contribution base


Insurers apply a surcharge to ensure young drivers.

The surcharge applies:

  • For young drivers who provide their own vehicle.
  • For parents who add their child to young driver insurance on their vehicles.


The premium can go up to 100% of the contribution base (excluding bonus):


  • Up to 100% the first year
  • Reduced by 50% the second year without fault accident.
  • Usually disappears in the 3rd year without fault accident.


Most insurers willing to insure young drivers, but some may refuse or impose a maximum real power of the car.


Good to know: a young driver or younger than 25 years who occasionally borrowed his parents car and causing an accident must pay the deductible, unless the parents cancel the clause by paying a higher premium.


Cheaper for girls and children who have accompanied driving

Girls have better rates than boys because they cause statistically fewer accidents. This advantage may go to the complete abolition of the surcharge. Play the competition!


Young drivers have been accompanied driving (possible from the age of 16) can also benefit from a discount on the amount of contributions, because the law provides a ceiling on the premium. Insurers are found there, as their driving experience is more important.