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Insurance ContractYou have already tried to cancel your insurance? You may have noticed this is not so easy! Between the date of termination, the automatic renewal and law we get lost and unfortunately we quickly left for a year with the same company!


Here are some tips to better understand how to terminate the contract


To terminate the insurance contract, it usually takes two months to go before the renewal date by contacting your insurance company a cancellation letter with acknowledgment of receipt. For example, if your contract is renewed on April 1, you must cancel before 31 January.

The renewal date of your contract is indicated on it, do so to consult to be sure to not let the deadline.


What the law says


Your insurance company is required to inform you by letter of the date of termination of your contract. In general this date is indicated on the document that you send your insurer to express its new rates.


If you receive this email within 15 days before the date of termination you get an additional 20 days from the date the letter was sent (postmarked authentic) to send your letter of termination.


There are also some “exceptional” situations which allow you to cancel your contract at any time:


-If your insurer unreasonably increases the amount of your premium

-If you are moving home

-If you change your marital status

-If you change profession


Before terminating it is important to compare the rates of other insurers to see if you can find better elsewhere. In general, changing insurer can make a saving of 30%!


Choose another insurance that suits your needs!


Find car insurance, for example, that fits you like a glove is relatively simple if you use insurance comparator. And yes, because by completing a form, you define your needs. The comparator seeks all offers of its partners that match your profile. You just have to choose the one of your choice.


You can compare all types of insurance: car insurance, motorcycle, health, home, death, life, and credit … to save money on all these contracts!







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