Tips for Your Car Insurance

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Car Insurance Concept Car insurance is mandatory. But this is not a reason for choosing a contract with closed eyes. Contracts contain many details and scenarios that it is better to know to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The implementing rules vary depending on whether you are young or old driver. Things are also different depending on whether it is an accident or theft.

Here are some useful tips to know when you subscribed to cheap no deposit car insurance or that you have it already.


Couple your insurance with a credit


It is common to take out car insurance when buying a new car. And who says new car is often said credit. However, some institutions now offer package deals “credit + insurance. A good opportunity to reduce costs since preferential rate is offered for credit and fees are available.


Good to know

Although the proposal of such a package is interesting, it may be possible to find cheaper elsewhere. Nothing prevents you from taking these products separately in two different institutions.


Fill in your contract with an assistance guarantee


It is not uncommon for insurers offer at the time of purchase, warranty assistance. This can be useful because it provides troubleshooting, repatriation by plane or car replacement. Ask yourself, depending on the cost, if this guarantee is worth to be purchased. But if you have the money, it brings you more peace of mind in case of an attack.


Good to know

If you do not know your contract and you need assistance, call your insurer before paying anything. This will ensure that you will be repaid.


Always have insurance attestation in the car


When driving, you should always have in your possession a driver’s license and car registration. You should also have the certificate of cheap no deposit car insurance or “green card”. It specifies your details and those of the insurance company and the period of validity of the contract and the characteristics of the insured vehicle.


Good to know

Failure to submit the certificate of insurance will cost you a fine. And if you do not show up within five days following the gendarmerie or the police, the fine will increase.


Third party insurance: coverage a minimum for comply with the law


To ensure the vehicle, the minimum required by law is to have liability cheap no deposit car insurance. This covers you for an accident causing damage against third parties, which may be the passengers in your car or other vehicle. However, you are not protected against damage of your vehicle you cause in an accident. If you are not at fault, your company can take action against the other vehicle.


Good to know

Most often, third-party insurance is associated with a guarantee legal protection and a glass breakage warranty, which gives you a more complete coverage.