Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance with no deposit to pay in advance

Car Insurance ConceptIt is liability: Any motor vehicle must be covered by the “Civil Liability” (also called “third party insurance”) which is compulsory insurance. It allows compensating third parties, that is to say “others” of their damages:

– Injury to a pedestrian, a passenger, the occupant of another car…

– Damage to cars, motorcycles, buildings…

The uninsured driver risk, in addition to criminal penalties of paying himself the consequences of an accident for which he is responsible. But this warranty does not cover any damage or injuries that the insured may suffer.


Optional Benefits


These guarantees, which can be purchased in addition to the insurance “liability”, can cover other risks.


Damages collisions

This insurance, also called “third collision” covers damage to the vehicle when the driver is responsible for an accident with a vehicle, a pedestrian or animal identified. But it does not cover injuries sustained by the driver.


Damages all accidents

This insurance also called “all risk” covers damage to the vehicle regardless of the circumstances of the accident. It also covers damage caused by vandalism. But it does not cover injuries sustained by the driver.


Theft – fire

This warranty covers loss or damage to the vehicle in case of theft or fire.


Glass breakage

This warranty covers breakage of the windshield and other windows. Some contracts also compensate the failure of the optics.



This warranty covers the cost of justice in the courts.


Driver Guarantee

This warranty may only cover injuries sustained by the driver.

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