The Price Of Your Car Insurance Increases; Cancel It

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The rate increase depends on the clause “review of contributions” Car Insurance Costs


Indeed, the insurer cannot increase your premiums if your contract does not contain the clause “review of contributions.” This is a clause to know before signing a contract, if it is not included in the contract you sign, so make sure you never see the cost of your cheap no deposit car insurance increase.


There are then two cases to increase your insurance premiums:


If your insurance policy does not contain this clause and your insurer decides to revalue upward your contributions, then you have the right to refuse to pay and demand continue to pay your dues to the old rate (before the increase). However, note that at the end of your next contract and following your refusal to pay more, the insurer may cancel your insurance policy.

If your contract includes the clause “review of contributions”, and your insurer decides to increase its rates, you can also refuse.


What are the conditions to terminate the cheap no deposit car insurance contract after an increase?


Termination condition


To terminate the contract on behalf of the rate increase, even if the clause is present, it is necessary that this increase is not due to an increased risk.


Specifically, if the price of your auto insurance is up because you have changed the car and took a drive whose risks are higher, the termination will not occur.


Time of termination


When the clause authorizing the termination of the contract after an upward, you have 15 days to notify your insurer of your will, at the date on which the rate increase was communicated to you. Simply send your insurer a letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


Your insurer is then required to proceed with the termination of one or two months after the receipt of the letter. This allows you to find another insurer.


Note that the contribution that course during this time is in principle not increased costs.