Car Accident Insurance


Car accident insurance guaranteesCar Accident


In terms of car accident insurance should be differentiated:

  • Compulsory insurance: third party insurance
  • And optional insurance such as:

– All risk insurance car;

– Guaranteed driver;


– Legal protection insurance auto…

However, regardless of cover selected by the insured, be aware that exclusions may be included in the auto insurance.


Car accident insurance: compensation


In insurance car accident, compensation is offered by:


  • The Direct Compensation Agreement for use between insured and car insurance companies or direct compensation of the insured in the case of pile;
  • The results of the expertise;
  • The level of deductibles.


Indemnity Agreement


For compensation under a simplified procedure, insurers can offer to victims of damage to accept the method of compensation governed by the Direct Compensation Agreement for use between insured and car insurance companies or direct compensation of the insured in case of pileup.

This agreement provides that each insured is directly compensated by insurance according to a predefined schedule.

By cons accident partially or totally responsible for the Convention does not apply.



In a road accident, damage both physical and material must be evaluated by an expert to determine the level of damage and the amount of compensation.




Every auto insurance policy includes a deductible level which is the share of the damages to be borne by the insured.


We distinguish different types of franchise:


  • Absolute: a fixed amount is deducted from the compensation paid by the insurer;
  • Simple: if the damage is less than the deductible amount the insurer pays nothing, if they are higher the insurer supports all damages;
  • Proportional: a maximum and minimum amount is fixed with respect to a percentage of the amount of damage;
  • Days: the insurance covers the damage after a number of days;
  • Mileage: Insurance supports damage beyond a minimum number of miles from the usual parking place.





Choose The Best Car Insurance


When it comes to insurance, the choice can be difficult.   Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

In addition, with the advent of winter, it is important to have good coverage and cheap no deposit car insurance, car accident rate increases. These incidents are due in part to random road during the cold season. Indeed, there is an increase in requests for compensation from your insurer. According to a study, 50% of road accidents occur between Decembers to February.

Here are some things to consider making a better decision and making the right choice.


Price and guarantees offered


The middle of the insurance market is very competitive. The price is a very important element; you have many choices when shopping for cheap no deposit car insurance. First, set yourself a budget. Then, you can compare prices with different tools such as comparative insurance. Attention must be paid to the cost of your deductible, because if it is worth more than your car, it is better that you continue to shop.

Generally an insurer must be able to offer you assistance 0 km even if you subscribe to a basic package. In addition, there is a law that requires coverage for civil liability. So you have collision coverage, collision accidents without warranty and liability. Then you have other optional coverage as the new value, a Waiver of depreciation, etc…


The type of car


The choice of the brand and type of motor vehicle varies your insurance. Given that there are cars most popular on the market, this increases the risk of fraud. On the other hand, a car with a too-powerful engine also increases the risk of accident compared to an engine power simple and modest.


Where you can park your car?


All depending on where you park your car in the street, in a garage or in a parking lot will be considered by your insurer. This criterion is to consider in your choice of insurer, as they will change the price of your premium.


Travel and trips made with your car


This element concerns your habits and lifestyle, and the insurer evaluates the use of your car. Thus, if you use it for work and you make long journeys every day, your insurer must ensure loans include a vehicle in case of breakdown or accident.