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Cheap car insurance with no deposit to pay in advance

Cheap no deposit car insuranceMore and more young people choose to spend their licenses through the accompanied driving. Training lasts two years and forced the young driver to go near 3000 km with the guardian. This raises the question of insurance … Who should be covered?


What is the accompanied driving?


The accompanied driving is a training that allows an anticipated learning of driving at the age of 16. This training lasts two years and must be supervised by a person holding a driving license for over three years, more than 28 years and have not been convicted of serious or procedure of suspension or withdrawal of license. Training that has been proven. Indeed, young drivers (Early Learning of Conduct) have 4 to 5 times fewer accidents than novice drivers from driving without accompanied training.


How to ensure the young driver?


1. Before anything else, you must tell your insurer and provide a number of papers from the driving school certifying that the young driver is someone thinking and responsible.

2. The owner of the car used and upon registration at the driving school of the candidate requires the insurer an extended warranty. The insurer will agree with a letter allowing modification of the original insurance contract.

3. Then several scenarios are possible:

Some insurers will offer to pay a premium to guarantee the risks as the model contracts “young drivers”. Note that if the young driver had no accidents involving its responsibility during the first year the premium will be withdrawn. Finally, the future licensee can make significant savings because after obtaining the license the insurer does not offer him a contract type “young driver”. Other insurers will not make you pay premium but it is you who will pay in case of accident damage part within the limits of the franchise “novice driver” listed on your contract.


Originally posted 2013-06-11 08:24:07.