Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance with no deposit to pay in advance

Before purchasing theft insurance, it is essential to study the various types of contracts and learn about the different exclusions.


As a first step: be careful 


Young man in mask trying to steal a carEven quite sure and certain to be compensated properly, it is above all to respect certain basic principles, such as avoiding leaving valuables inside at the sight of everyone or park your car in a street badly repute and isolated. The more cautious also install an alarm on the car, even if the insurer does not ask.


Make sure you have theft insurance!


Despite these precautions, no one is safe from theft of his car and it should take out insurance. But to be insured against theft, guarantees “to third parties” and “collision damage” is not enough, contrary to what many insured believe. The first covers only liability, but does not insure damage caused against your vehicle and the second covers both damage to others and those caused against your own vehicle in an accident, but do not include theft or attempted theft. Thus, to be insured against theft, take the mandatory guarantees and additional security at special flight. However, if you have comprehensive insurance, theft insurance will be included. However, you need to check what types of flights are covered in the contract that you signed.


Be reimbursed in case of theft


Your vehicle is stolen? Though you may have theft insurance, several conditions must be met before your insurer is obligated to reimburse you.

First, the vehicle must include evidence of tampering, not to be confused with the simple vandalism. In addition, if your insurer imposed installing alarms in your car, and you were not there long, the insurance will not work. The insurer may also require the installation of a circuit breaker that prevents booting, to engrave the registration number on each ice and park the car at night in a private garage. Read the terms of your contract because the refund may be subject to some or all of these conditions. In addition to the insurance works, do not leave any valuables in the car (computer, purse …), do not leave the keys on the dashboard and close all doors and windows of the car.


What steps in case of theft?


So that you can be compensated, you must perform the steps as quickly as possible in accordance with the point by point. At first, you must file a complaint within 24 hours. So you discharge any liability in case the thief commits damage to your vehicle. Then you usually have 48 hours (depending on the contract) to make an insurance claim. You must provide a copy of the complaint.

If your car is found before the time specified in the contract (usually 30 days), you retrieve it as is, but insurance indemnifies any damage, if there is evidence of tampering. If the vehicle is not found, you receive from the insurer the amount fixed by the expert.


The cost of theft insurance

The price of your insurance will depend on several criteria.

First, the brand and year of the car: the more it is recent and prestigious brand, the more it will be subject to theft, the contribution will be expensive. Then the insurance companies take into account the place of use of the vehicle: if you live in a city where car thefts are common, your contract will be more expensive than if you live in a place little subject to this type of crime. It is therefore essential, before signing a contract of insurance, check with your insurer about the exact amount of compensation in case of theft.



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