Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance with no deposit to pay in advance


Personal guarantee of the driver can be compensated in case of liability in a car accident or an unidentified third party is considered responsible for the accident.


Two types of driver’s personal guarantee Car Insurance Guarantees


There are two types. The guarantee attached to the driver can be personally covered and the insured drives his car, a close relative or a rental car. In contrast, vehicle warranty does not cover the driver at the wheel of his own car.


Namely: The vehicle warranty applies, most of the time, to all people who drive the vehicle.

Personal guarantee of the driver: multiple recoveries


This benefit allows the insured to be compensated:

– The costs of hospitalization and medical costs in general,


– The loss or reduction of income due to a work stoppage,


– The “price of pain” (pain and suffering) corresponding to the injury suffered.


Note: The details of the damage are guaranteed in terms of your cheap no deposit car insurance policy. Make a comparison of offers from, for example, a car insurance broker before making your choice.


Repair of personal guarantee driver


It can also take the form of a lump sum payment, as opposed to the formulas for damages listed below. This repair is then fixed in a lump sum payment, the amount of which is determined in advance upon signing the car insurance. It depends of course on the nature of the damage and the level of injury.


Personal guarantee of the driver does not support all


Like any insurance, personal guarantee experiencing disclaimers. Thus, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not covered, as well as driving without a license or without the consent of the car owner. These exclusions are valid both on the personal guarantee and that of the car warranty.

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