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Road Accident Any victim of a road accident is eligible for compensation. In other words, through the guarantee liability, cheap no deposit car insurance of the driver is responsible for the accident and it is under an obligation to compensate the victims (conductive or non-conductive material such as pedestrians, passengers, etc…). Insurance are also required to comply with the deadlines established by the Law.


As the responsible driver, it will be compensated by the car insurance provided he has signed a guarantee driver (also called personal injury insurance of the driver).


The victim must make a declaration prior to his insurance within five days after the accident. In cases where the victim is a driver, it is very important to achieve an accident report.


The recourse to medical expertise


The insurer will ask the victim in most cases the person to submit to a medical examination to determine the extent of physical harm. The victim must be informed no later than 15 days before the examination. Note that the medical officer responsible for conducting the examination has been selected by your insurance company; it is not your family doctor.

Calculation of damages and compensation


The medical expert should define the different types of damage during sudden accident. The disaster could lead to a more or less important to the physical integrity of the victim. Reducing the physical potential is assessed as a percentage (zero to 100).


In case of loss of autonomy, compensation shall take into account medical expenses, purchase of adaptive equipment (wheelchairs, etc.), and even the assistance of another person to assist the victim every day. In addition, insurance may also have to compensate a disfigurement (scarring, mutilation, etc.), and a loss of amenity in the case when the victim can no longer perform certain activities (sport, leisure, etc.).


Obviously, the accident in many cases affects the life of the victim. Whether temporarily and total, or “only” a partial The calculation of compensation is then established based on salary and calculating the financial loss caused by the interruption of the occupation of the victim.


The offer of compensation must be made ​​within 8 months from the date of the accident. Thereafter, the payment of compensation must take place within one month and 15 days after acceptance of the offer. Otherwise, the amounts are increasing their interest rates.





Approaches to compensation following a road accident are often long and unclear. Nevertheless, the victims of a road accident must remain vigilant and refuse to sign a proposal for compensation in case of disagreement. If the proposals of the insurer will seem insufficient, you can appeal to the court.

Finally, do not hesitate to call a lawyer or an association for the defense of victims of road accidents to receive additional support.




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