Car Insurance without a License

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Documents required for insurance for a car without a license Unlicensed Car Insurance


In order to purchase auto insurance for a vehicle without a license, the insured must provide the insurer the vehicle’s registration. Indeed, as any land vehicle, motor vehicle without a license must be registered.


The guarantees offered by insurance vehicle without a license

As with any vehicle, vehicles without permits must be provided at least one-third.


The insured may, of course, if desired, purchase additional guarantees in its cheap no deposit car insurance and even ensure his vehicle without a license all risks.


Generally, the guarantees offered with optional car insurance for a vehicle without a license are the same as for other vehicles (glass breakage, theft, assistance, legal protection …).


Unlicensed cars easy to ensure


Vehicles without permits are often easier to secure than others. Indeed, their characteristics (maximum speed of 45 km / h, maximum power of 4 kW, maximum capacity 50 cm3) allow only urban driving and low risk.


In addition, vehicles without permits are less often involved in accidents and suffer fewer flights than other vehicles.


Note: Some insurers, including online, specialize in car insurance without a license. It is therefore useful to compare quotes from different insurance companies to get cheap no deposit car insurance.


The cost of insurance for a car without a license


If we take into account the characteristics mentioned above, we can easily understand that unlicensed cars are less expensive to insure than others.


On average, the cost of insuring a vehicle without a license is the same as the insurance of a scooter.


However, the cost of insurance may also vary depending on the profile of the insured (age, geographic location, history).


Namely: in the event that the insured would withdraw its license, the insurance company may decide to impose a surcharge, even if the license is not necessary to use a car without a license.