Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance with no deposit to pay in advance


The premium for your car insurance is determined from several factors: Calculation of Car Insurance Premium


  • The vehicle itself (make, model, year, value, cost of repair, etc.).


  • Use what you do (walk to and from work, work itself);


  • Your place of residence and the place of use of the vehicle;


  • The profile of the driver (age, gender, etc.).


  • Protections (or endorsements) selected;


  • The number of accidents you have had and claims that you have made, or that you were not liable for damages, as indicated in the file of claims;


  • The driving record contains information about your driving experience and your demerit points.




Your credit card information is also part of the factors used by the majority of insurers to offer the fairest premium. They will ask for your consent to access this information. You have the right to refuse.

However, be aware that this information may allow the insurer to offer you a lower premium.


Tips to pay cheap no deposit car insurance


  • Shop around and ask for feedback from at least three insurers.


  • The car insurance premium can vary from simple to triple from a company to another;


  • Purchase your car insurance and home insurance with the same insurer;


  • Ask for a higher deductible;


  • Equip your vehicle with an antitheft device (immobilizer, alarm system, tracking system, etc.).


  • Choose your vehicle carefully. Some models are popular with thieves;


  • Drive safely and obey all traffic safety.





Originally posted 2013-04-21 17:22:18.