Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance with no deposit to pay in advance


You have a car? You must ensure it, it is mandatory. Beyond the legal requirement, insurers offer optional coverage to subscribe to your specific needs. To be properly insured, it must also comply with certain rules, at the time of signing the contract of cheap no deposit car insurance.


The principle of collateral damage Guarantee Word


Collateral damage is optional benefits. They allow, in case of accident responsible to obtain compensation for damage sustained by the vehicle. The amount of such compensation shall be determined by examination of the vehicle by an independent expert.


Collateral damages are useful, especially when the insured vehicle is new or has little rolled. There are two levels of collateral damage:

– Ensuring damage collisions,

– Ensuring all accident risks.


Namely guarantee damage is generally subject to a deductible. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the level of this franchise matches the level of use of the insured vehicle.


Collateral damage collision and damage accidents


Guarantee collision damage allows an insured to receive compensation in case of accident with responsible third identifiable. There may be another vehicle (motorized or not), a pedestrian or animal which it is possible to identify the owner. The compensation received by the insured is proportional to the damage to his vehicle.


Damage accidents can guarantee an insured to receive compensation in case of accident liable even in the absence of others. It is much larger than the collision and damage coverage provides, for example, coverage if the vehicle is damaged while it is parked.


Note: Insurance companies consider more often the age of the vehicle during the underwriting guarantee all accidents.


Other collateral damage


Other specific guarantees can be offered when a vehicle is damaged. Thus, glass breakage warranty can cover the replacement or repair of various car windows. A franchise is nevertheless borne by the insured.


Theft guarantee can cover theft or attempted theft of the vehicle. The compensation takes place, however, that if the insured is able to provide physical evidence of the accident.


Fire and Explosion guarantee can cover fire indoors or outside. This warranty also covers damage done by lightning.


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