Car Insurance: Best Practices in Litigation

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Promote dialogue Insurance Mediator


The first rule in litigation is still trying to find an amicable solution by promoting dialogue. Also, after a finding, it is important to quickly contact the advisor or broker in charge of your case. This is an opportunity to obtain justifications and make your point of view.


This approach is unfortunately not the most common. However, it is often appreciated by cheap no deposit car insurance companies and after clarification of the parties it is common to reach an amicable agreement.


Associate with other insured


If the dialogue does not lead to an amicable resolution of the dispute, it may be worthwhile to use associations insured or consumers. This helps to get in touch with other policyholders in the same situation with insurance companies. Often, litigation, unity is strength and it can exert greater pressure on companies.


Think of the expertise


Often litigation concerning car insurance and regarding the amount of compensation offered by the insurer, to the extent this amount is mostly determined by an expert; do not hesitate to ask for expert opinion. For this, it suffices to appoint an expert car at your expense. If the contradictory expert reveals large differences with the expertise achieved by the cheap no deposit car insurance company, a third independent expert will arbitrate the dispute.


Namely: the cost of third-party expertise is shared between your insurance company and you.


Using a mediator


Totally independent, the insurance mediator intervenes free of last resort. Also, other amicable possibilities must have been exhausted and there should not be any legal proceeding.


To benefit from the intervention, simply submit the file to the mediator of the insurance by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This file should contain all pieces necessary for the proper understanding of the issues as well as information on the insurance company.