Cheap No Deposit Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance with no deposit to pay in advance

Personal liability is a mandatory guarantee in your car insurance, also known as “the third” guarantee.

It is of course possible and advisable to add optional coverage depending on your needs. Here are the main ones:


All risks car insurance: features    Car Insurance

In common parlance, the two types of auto insurance that are the most talked about third-party insurance and all-risk car insurance. To differentiate their offerings, insurers give names to formulas guarantees they offer including all intermediate forms between the “third” base and “all risks”. You should therefore be very careful with the proposals made.

  • Insurance “third party” means that disaster which you are responsible, only damage to third parties, other then, and are covered: you must pay the repairs on your own self as well as the consequences of your own wounds as serious as they are.
  • The “all risks” means that on the contrary, in this case, your own repairs will be handled well.


Attention to what really means “all risks”:


This term is a misnomer: a contract has limitations and exclusions intervention.

You are not insured against all risks: there are indeed various optional coverages; it’s you who determine what you need.

You will find below the list of major optional benefits. Each event is guaranteed.


Car Insurance: optional coverages key

When purchasing your contract, it is important to evaluate and assess your requirements by your advisor to not be under-insured or the contrary over-insured: travel, vehicle … (for example, a guarantee replacement vehicle for a home nursing).


  • The insured driver injury guarantee
  • All risks guarantee
  • Collision damage Guarantee
  • Theft guarantee
  • Glass breakage warranty
  • Fire insurance
  • Storm warranty
  • Natural disasters warranty
  • Technological disasters warranty
  • Occasional Accessories Warranty
  • Contents of car warranty
  • Force of nature warranty
  • Damage coverage against all risks
  • Ensuring legal protection
  • Support warranty
  • Replacement cost or increased
  • Replacement vehicle warranty











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